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Intuitive interface and easy to adapt

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- School App for Online Exam and Assessment

It's time to amplify online exam system.

K12App provides a secure online exam system and automatic assessment facility for schools.

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Manage questions with ease

Teachers can easily manage and use questions in any combination with the help of exam management system.

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Time-bound exam system

Our examination process is fully automated and enables school admin to easily scheduled exam start time and end time.

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Get faster results

No manual intervention is required. Online exam management system enables automatic marking of an exam and instant results.

Conduct hassle-free online exams

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Cool stats
Here are some incredible stats that detail just how K12App is transforming the way schools engage their parents.
  • Perfect mobile app for schools willing to adopt new technology.

  • Best school mobile app for student and parent engagement.

  • School mobile app has simple interface and ease-of-use at its core.

68 %
Higher Parent Engagement
75 %
Increased Time Saving
90 %
Operating Cost Reduction
56 %
Enhanced Student Learning