School Fee Management

K12App helps to simplify school fee collection process, issuing fee receipts, concession list and generating due fees report.

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Built custom fee structure in minutes

K12 app school fee management system allows school admin to create custom fee structure for different students in different classes.

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Manage receipts and fine with ease

With K12App fee management system you can quickly generate receipts, manage fine and send notification for fee reminders to parents.

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Calculated discounts and concessions

All fee-related discounts and concessions can be calculated with ease by using k12 app school fee management system.

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K12App provides a quick and easy way to manage school fees through mobile app without making parents to stand in long queues at school or bank.

Cool stats
Here are some incredible stats that detail just how K12App is transforming the way schools engage their parents.
  • Perfect mobile app for schools willing to adopt new technology.

  • Best school mobile app for student and parent engagement.

  • School mobile app has simple interface and ease-of-use at its core.

68 %
Higher Parent Engagement
75 %
Increased Time Saving
90 %
Operating Cost Reduction
56 %
Enhanced Student Learning