Transform your school with K12App

Transform your school
with K12App

Empower teachers, engage parents – Unlock a world of possibilities!

Manage School Operations

Streamline administrative tasks, automate workflows, and enhance overall efficiency in managing day-to-day school operations.

Enhance Student Learning

Unify classroom activities, assignments, and assessments in one comprehensive system, promoting a seamless learning experience for both teachers and students.

Drive Parent Engagement

Foster stronger connections between parents and schools through real-time updates, communication channels, and easy access to student progress reports.

Get Comprehensive Reports

Generate insightful reports on academic performance, attendance trends, and other critical metrics, providing valuable data for informed decision-making.

  • Powerful automation
  • User-friendly interface

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Student Information System
Simplify Online Fee Collection

Streamline fee collection, online payments, and financial reporting, offering a transparent and organized approach to manage school's financial health.

  • 100+ Payment Methods
  • Easy Integration
  • Powerful Dashboard

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Online fee collection
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A simple and secure school app for seamless communication between all stakeholders of the school.

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Client Reviews & Testimonials

"We are using K12App platform in our school since 2014 and we are quite satisfied with the serevice. K12App has helped us to reduce workload and manage classroom teaching."

Fr. Christopher (Principal) - Khrist Raja High School (K. R.), Bettiah, Bihar

"What I really appreciate about K12App is the fact that the fee management and communication module is awesome! We really appreciated the work done by the K12App team."

Sr. Matilda (Principal) - Holy Cross School, Nichitpur, West Bengal

We’re very much satisfied with the service and support provided by the K12App team as they are always willing to work towards our issues whenever we call them.

Sr. Florine (Principal) - Holy Cross School, Tadong, Sikkim

"I have worked with different applications, but this one stands out in terms of service and support. We, for sure, would like to recommend K12App to other schools like ours."

Fr. Saji Mathew (Principal) - St. Ignatius School, Aurangabad, Bihar