Take your school online with K12App

Take your school online
with K12App

Manage grades, attendance, school fee, online classes and exams - all in one app for your school.

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Manage your school efficiently

Make the whole process of your school administration completely hassle free!

Enhance parent engagement

Share real-time information with parents and engage them in daily school activities.

Automate online fee collection

Simplify your fee collection by providing parents a simple way to make payments.

Quickly track student information across all devices

K12App allows school administrators and teachers to quickly access the student information they need.

  • Track information from anywhere on any device.
  • Explore everything at one place.
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Make your fee collection process hassle-free

Empower your parents to pay school fees through mobile app from the comfort of there home.

  • Reduce the hassle of cash collection at school.
  • K12App has 100+ easy payment options.

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Track Online Payments
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Card number
Name Mayank Kumar
Expiry date 11/23
Rs. 1250

Pending - School Fee

Rs. 1250

Pending - School Fee

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A Fast, Secure and Reliable School App

No matter what your role is in school — principal, teacher, parent or student. K12App provides powerful features for everyone.

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Empower your school with K12App

Allow your school administrators, office staff and teachers to make their life easier, save time, reduce cost and enhance student learning.

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68 %

Higher Parent Engagement

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80 %

Increased Time Saving

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90 %

Operating Cost Reduction

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56 %

Enhanced Student Learning