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Are you a school administrator? K12App can help you to manage your day-to-day school operations and parent communication from one single login.

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K12App Quick Overview

K12App is a great tool for school administrators, teachers and office staff to improve efficiency of their work, reduce workload and communicate effectively with parents.

Get Control Over School Operations

Save Time, Reduce 80% Workload

Get Control Over Student Behavior

Enhance Your Parent Engagement


K12App is hosted on highly secured and reliable Microsoft cloud infrastructure for high level security and speed.

Live dashboard for school administrator and teachers

Get live update of fee collection, attendance, student performance and communication at a glance.

Quick access to required information regarding grades, attendance, homework, fees, remarks and complains of the student help teachers and school administrator to take informed decision and communicate effectively with parents.

K12App Core Modules

K12App has 18 core modules to help you manage your school and communicate effectively parents from one single login.

Student Information System

K12App helps in managing and tracking student data in few clicks. It has various kinds of filters to sort the data.

School Fees Management

Quick and easy way to collect, track and manage school fee in multiple payment modes like card, cash or net banking.

Attendance Management

Tedious task of student daily attendance can be done in few clicks with the help of K12App helping teachers to save time.

CBSE Gradebook

Teachers can generate gradebook in minutes and reduce unnecessary workload, so that they can focus on teaching.

Homework Tracking

Create homework & assignments in minutes and share with parents helping them to know what's happening in class. 

Student Behavior Tracking 

Get quick view of student’s grades, complains, remarks, rewards and other disciplinary actions.

Library Management System 

The library management system is embedded with Barcode and QR Code for quick search and stock verification.

Hostel Management System 

K12App has simple interface to manage student records, hostel fee and other advance payment details of school hostel.

Transport Management 

It's a logistics platform of K12App that enables school to manage and optimize the daily operations of their transportation.

Document Management

Generate TC, Admit Card and other institutional documents in few clicks with simple interface of K12App.

Employee Attendance System

Keep Time-in and Time-Out records of your school staff. The attendance data will automatically sync from biometric device.

Parent-Teacher Communication

K12App provides effective, transparent and quick parent-teacher communication to improve student performance & behavior.

SMS Notification System

Send TRI approved instant SMS for routine and emergency messages to parents and teachers in one click.


Web Portal for parents to track their child's activity at school on any device having web browser and internet.

Mobile App

Mobile app allow schools to share real-time information with parents to enhance the performance & behavior of the student.

Online Fee Payment

Parents can pay school fee through mobile app. This ensures hassle-free fee collection and avoids the risk of cash handling.

Integrated School Website

School notice, recent activities, events, gallery, homework and TC will automatically get updated on school website.

Online Registration System

Online registration system eliminates manual paperwork for the admission process and helps to reduce workload.

Go Cashless, Collect School Fee Online

Avoid the risk of cash handling by enabling cashless transactions at your school

Start collecting school fee instatnly

Reduce hassle of cash collection and ensure timely fee payment through Credit Card, Debit Card or Net Banking using mobile app.

No need to upload any back-end data

Just allow parents to download mobile app and pay the school fee from the comfort of their home or office! 


Real-Time Fee Tracking

K12App makes the payment process fast, efficient, and transparent for both school and parents.

Mobile App

Share real-time information with parents and engage them in their child's education and daily school activities to enhance the performance of the student.

Share HomeWork Assignment

Let the parents know how hard your teachers are working by sharing daily homework and class work with parents.

Accept School Fee through App

Using K12App parents can pay school fee from their mobile in a single click from the comfort of their home or office.

Send Circulars And SMS Notifications

Never let your parents to miss any important information about the school events, activities, circulars and results.

Track Attendance Records

Manage attendance and share with parents in few clicks. No need to calculate attendance for reporting purposes!

Share Remarks And Rewards

With K12App teachers can send quick remarks just like a simple post to parents regarding their child's activity at school.

Parent-Teacher Communication

K12App help teachers and school admin to take quick decisions and have better communication with parents.

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Why K12App

With K12app you can manage your all services from a single login. It has 256-bit encryption and bank-level security.

Single Integrated Platform

k12app has seamless integration of multiple applications in one single platform to help you manage your all services from a single login.

Secured, Fast and Reliable

k12app is hosted on Microsoft Cloud infrastructure to provide highest level of security, speed and hassle-free app experience to school and parents.

Hassle-free Fee Collection

k12app helps to reduce hassle of cash collection and ensures timely fee collection through credit card, debit card or net banking using simple mobile app.

Reduce Workload by 80%

K12App will save 80% of your day-time you used to spend wrestling on administrative and clerical jobs, so that you can focus on teaching and parent engagement.

Live Analytic Dashboard

School administrator can track real-time updates of fee collection, attendance, homework, discipline and communication through live dashboard of k12app.

Parent Engagement Tool

k12app is the best parent engagement tool for school administrators, office staff and teachers to inform, connect and engage parents in daily school activities.

K12App Integrations

K12App supports various modern technologies such as gps bus location tracking, rfid cards and bio-metric attendance system

Online Payment Gateway

Get quick integration with online payment gateway to enable cashless transactions at your school and avoid the risk of cash.

Dynamic School Website

Get a dynamic and responsive website for your school which will automatically get updated by school application itself.

Online Registration System

K12App provides automation of entire admission process starting from sale of form and prospectus to final selection.

GPS Bus Location Tracking System

Ensures effective fleet management and safety of students by providing real-time updates of bus location and bus routes.

Biometric Attendance System

Automate the attendance data collection and easily generate monthly attendance report using biometric attendance system.

RFID Smart Card Attendance

RFID smart card system helps to minimize the human effort in maintaining and tracking attendance of student and staff.

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