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Empower your teachers to create report card quickly.

With K12App, teachers can create and share student report card in just few clicks.

Fully automated report cards can be created with K12App and can be easily shared with parents and students. Just enter the grades, and the data flows seamlessly to generate report cards.

Create report cards quickly and in time.

Teachers can easily and quickly create report cards, add remarks and share them with parents using K12App.

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The challenge

It might be difficult for teachers to compute, analyze, and finalize each student's grade because it involves several human calculations.

In addition to making the report cards, another problem is printing and giving each student their own copy, which takes time and money.

Why teachers love K12App?

K12App is a completely paperless and online system that only needs teachers to enter grades and the rest will be done by the application itself. Parents can download their child's report card from the comfort of their homes once the school administrator has approved them for parents and students.

Quick stats

Report cards are no longer a pain to generate because K12App simplifies the entire process. Just enter the marks and let K12App do the rest.


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