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Integrations in K12App platform

Modern device integrations helps to automate complex operations to make work simpler and faster.

Biometric Attendance

Biometric device integration helps to automate the attendance data.

RFID Attendance System

RFID attendance system helps to mark the attendance automatically.

GPS Tracking System

GPS integration provides real-time updates of school bus location.

Quick facts

Why Should Your School Choose K12App?

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Fast, Secure and Reliable App

An application hosted on the Microsoft Cloud platform, K12App is fast, secure, and reliable app for managing school operations.

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Easy to Implement & Customize

K12App is easy to customize to meet the requirements of your school. Simply complete the simple setup to get live within minutes!

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Works Across Platforms & Devices

K12App will give you a similar user experience whether you use it on a mobile device or a computer.