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Intuitive interface and easy to adapt

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- Online Exam and Assessment

It's time to amplify online exam system.

For schools, K12App offers a safe online exam platform and an automated evaluation tool.

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Manage questions in any format

With the help of an exam administration system, teachers can effortlessly manage and use questions in any format.

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Automated time-bound exam system

The K12App exam system is fully automated and allows school administrators to quickly set the beginning and ending times of exams.

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Get instant automated results

There is no need for manual intervention. Instant results and automatic exam marking are made possible by online exam management systems.

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Use K12App to conduct hassle-free online exams

Quick facts

Why should you choose K12App?

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Fast, Secure and Reliable

K12App is fast, secure, and reliable cloud app with modern user interface for managing school operations and communication.

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Easy to Implement

K12App is designed to set up a new school account in few easy steps. Simply complete the simple setup to get live within minutes!

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Works Across Multiple Devices

K12App offers a similar user experience on a computer or a mobile device thanks to its seamless multi platform functionality.