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How Mobile Apps Can Benefit Schools?

Here are some amazing benefits of school mobile apps.

higher parent engagement
enhanced student learning
higher cost saving
access to school information
School Admin

Mobile app benefits for school administrators

With the help of the school mobile app, administrators can perform various administrative tasks on the go and ensure effective communication among all the stakeholders of the school.

  • Take informed decision with real-time information.
  • Boost school fee collection, track online payments.
  • Enhance parent engagement and student learning.
App for school admin

School mobile app benefits for teachers

Teachers can track attendance, create report cards, hold live online classes, share homework assignments, and more with the use of a mobile app for schools.

  • Manage attendance, share homework assignments.
  • Create report cards in just few clicks.
  • Coduct online classes to boost student learning.
App for teachers
School mobile app benefits for parents

Parents can keep in touch with teachers and have real-time access to their child's academic records thanks to the school mobile app.

  • Pay school fees from the comfort of home.
  • Track academic performance of their child.
  • Stay updated about school activities and events.
app for parents

School mobile app benefits for students

Students can check their grades, comments, homework, class schedules, and future school events at any time with the school mobile app.

  • Learn from resources shared by teachers.
  • Complete the assigned homework on time.
  • Stay updated about school activities and events.
app for students

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